On Mixing and Turbulence in Floating Flexible Bioreactors

Floating flexible bioreactors (FTPBRs) harness wave energy to accelerate microalgae cultivation. A FTPBR model will be established in a laboratory wave flume. A piston type wave generator will produce periodic waves of varying wave heights and frequencies. Wave induced pressures drive the expansion and contraction of the flexible bioreactor tube. These rapid changes in the tube’s cross-sectional area cause turbulent events that are responsible for the pumping and mixing micro algae in the FTPBR system. Particle image velocimetry (PIV) will be used to accurately quantify flow patterns within and around the FTPBRs . These results will be used to develop a design method for the use of  FTPBRs within the coastal zone

Kélan Naidoo

BSc Eng (Civil)

MSc ENG (Civil)