THE.EARTH.LIVE is a project inspired by H.O.R.T.U.S (see here ) The concept is simple: The earth is finite and so are it’s resources. How we use and exploit these resources will directly

The Nature Of Things

Look around… you may find that nature has already solved your problem. It really is surprising how much there is to learn from nature. If you think about it, nature

Effect of turbulence on algae growth

Turbulence plays a significant role in the production of algae. Turbulence enhances the movement of algae cells in fluids. Algae depend on light energy for photosynthesis, hence considering that light

Algae Biofuels

It is predicted that in the future, production of diesel and gasoline could be replaced by algae biofuel. Interest in farming algae to produce biodiesel and other biofuels has developed

Algae Growth Media

Algae need carbon, water and nutrients to grow, same as us humans. The main nutrients necessary are nitrogen and phosphorus, they are called macro-nutrients. Other substances are only required in

Algae Innovations

Algae are used for a range of different innovations from lighting, via powering buildings to jet fuel, read about some innovative ideas here.