Prof Derek Stretch

“Eventually all merges into one…and a river runs through it”.

Dr Justin Pringle

Young. Passionate.

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Atish Deoraj

SPH wave modelling.

Calvin Wells

Coral reef hydrodynamics.

Yashmika Ramlakhan

Investigation of microplastic pollution sources along the Umgeni River

Jeremy Naidoo

Flood forecasting and community resilience in South Africa

Danel Capelo

Hydrokites: The Future of Ocean Current Energy?


Smrithi Singh

Modelling the eco-hydraulic functioning of the Crocodile River, South Africa

Robert Boreham

Mapping plastic hotspots using citizen science

Prosper Bopoto

Biophysical Connectivity in a Tidal Basin, A Case Study of the Durban Habour

Matthew Phillips

Catching Plastic in the Umgeni River, South Africa

Leall Williams

Pathogen plumes: modelling water quality at Umhlanga beach, South Africa