Modelling the eco-hydraulic functioning of the Crocodile River, South Africa

Biologists use probabilistic models of eco-hydraulics to map the relationships between river flow and instream habitat. These models are limtted to the availability of field observations that are significantly  time-consuming and data-sparse. However developing a hydraulic model for various river reaches that couples the physicial functioning of a river with its ecology can be used to improve the reliability of eco-hydraulic probablistic models. Therefore my MSc aims to leverage a multidisciplinary approach between ecology and hydraulics to improve the reliability of eco-hydraulic probabilistic models. I will develop a 2D hydraulic model to predict flows and sediment transport using Mike 21C within the Crocodile River, Mpumalanga located in the Inkomati basin.This site has been identified as an important indicator site for river health. Additionally this river is home to key fish species such as the tiger fish and yellow fish, both being indicators for river health. 


Smrithi Singh

BScEng (Civil)