My Research focuses on the potential production of renewable energy from ocean currents using Hydro-kites. Hydro-kites are rigid winged submersible ocean kites that glide underwater in a cross-current motion. Flying the kite in this manner produces higher energy compared to fixed ocean turbines. This is because the cross current velocity of the Hydro-kite is several times larger than the ambient ocean current. Furthermore hydro-kites are more dynamic and can be repositioned to continue producing electricity if the direction of a current changes. The Agulhas Current off the east coast of South Africa is one of the optimal places in the world to implement these kites. The current is the second fastest ocean surface current in the world.  This study aims to test physical kites in the ocean. The results from the field tests will be used to improve numerical models that can be used to predict the power production potential. In addition, the results can be used to design and implement Hydro-kites in the Agulhas current in the near future.

BScEng (Civil)